The Story of

Range Life

Once upon a time...

A Chicago-based stylist, bass player, and mom found herself in a constant battle with the army of plastic toys that kept finding their way into her home and being louder than the objects and comforts she'd collected during her earlier, non-mom days. She wished her kids' stuff could be just as well-designed as her own and maybe even look cool enough to just sit out, instead of being hidden in cabinets and closets before company arrived. She longed for the family version of her favorite tightly-curated local and emerging artist shops. Could that place have modern, heirloom-quality toys AND small-batch designer jewelry, self-care, and lifestyle items for everybody and their homes? Could all these things look good together? Could it be named after her favorite Pavement song about playing in a band and being wild?     

Yes it could, yes they could, and yes it would.

Range Life is a shop of dreamy design for family folk. Our options are parent-friendly, made with natural and sustainable materials, and mix well with a modern aesthetic. 

Dreamin' Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream....


Range Life - Dreamy Design for Family Folk

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