Designed and built by hand by Christian Nyberg


Each sculpture is one of a kind.


This is an OMAAT. It's not a robot. The title says it's a robot but that's only so you can find the damn things easier. Robots are for losers. You are not a loser. You are a winner. Winners have OMAATS on their desks, side tables, and bookshelves. Having an OMAAT in your house or office shows people that you don't just shop at Target or Wayfair. It shows you have taste. It shows that maybe--just maybe, you're more intelligent and complex than people give you credit for. OMAATS make great gifts. OMAATS are cute and smart like you and your friends. 


OMAATS are made out of various hardwoods including oak or cherry. 


OMAATS are not toys. OMAATS hate children, but will love you.


But really, they are sculptures, not toys. Please be careful and do not leave unsupervised with children.


Lois is 5.5" tall x 8.5" wide.

OMAAT Robot Sculpture - Lois