By Tree Hopper Toys


Kids (and adults!) will love building a masterpiece with this fun, whimsical, and open-ended stencil set.  With this premium set of stencils and Idea Sheet (included), kids will love exploring their creativity and building a cityscape all on their own. Use our Idea Sheet to learn about scale, perspective and pattern making, or simply experiment and use the stencils to build a truly unique, one-of-a-kind, Stencil City.

This set contains 8 premium stencil sheets, which are thin enough to allow for more detail than most stencils, while also being very durable.  

Use your drawing media of choice.  Whether it's paint, colored pencils, markers, pen and ink, it will look great and be easy to clean off the stencil!


• Design & Illustration by Delicious Design League 
• Ages 5+
• 7" x 9" 


Made in Chicagoland - Made in America 



Stencil City - Drawing Stencils

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